#5: Talking Science Activism with Mike Galsworthy

The UK has an incredible science landscape, but in the wake of Brexit how do we keep our world-class status and not lose access to all the amazing networks and technologies we’ve built in the EU? After all, collaboration and teamwork have been fundamental to the amazing scientific discoveries we benefit from. In this episode I’m joined by Mike Galsworthy, a scientist turned political activist in the wake of the Brexit referendum. We talk about Mike’s career, the motivations behind his activism, and what he thinks about science, social media and the post Brexit landscape.     

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The comms take-aways


Structure it well: start with your take home message and craft whatever you’re trying to communicate around that, whether it’s a short or long piece of content, or even just a conversation


Consider the tone: don’t underestimate the effect your tone can have on making a message have an impact. The wrong tone can shut off people’s interest in your message pretty quickly. If you want to clear a channel of communication with someone, listen to what they say, summarise it back to them and then counter with your point

Things from the episode


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