Who we work with

Agencies can offer clients the best service through the expertise of their in-house personnel, managing projects from start to finish. 

But sometimes the workload is too high and you need external resources with scientific depth, creativity, and industry-specific knowledge to complement your activities as an agency.

At Mowbi, all our writers hold advanced degrees and are experienced in breaking down complex scientific concepts to communicate to a range of audiences. Our creatives provide support across a range of digital content types to enhance your offering

Communicating complex data to healthcare providers with

We’ve worked with IntraMed, a division of the global comms agency VML, to support their medical education services. By providing a blend of technical expertise, creative input, and digital experience, we’ve helped support their offerings to their global pharmaceutical clients through:


  • Generating proposals to communicate emerging scientific concepts in dermatology to medical professionals​

  • Bridging medical and creative teams to produce technical and well-designed pieces that could be easily delivered to clients ​

  • Managing the onsite delivery of symposia at international congresses ​

  • Creating engaging formats and materials for educational workshops and assisting in their delivery ​

  • Providing creative scientific consultancy for drug MoD/MoA materials to achieve narrative and visual clarity  ​

  • Consulting on strategies for messaging, content creation, and content dissemination ​

  • Producing copy across a range of disease areas for educational and commercial pieces​

During 2023


Projects taken from initial brief to final approval


Different types of digital content delivered


Symposia at international congress delivered

“Mowbi consistently excel at developing engaging, visually striking, and accurate content based on complex science. Whether it’s infographics, visual abstracts, MoD/MoA animations, or clinical trial data, Mowbi has become a go-to for our teams when they need highly creative scientific executions. Looking forward to continued collaboration with Mowbi on on-going projects.”


Stephen McGrath, Scientific Director, VML

Services for Agencies

  • Medical and scientific writing support

  • Digital content support across a range of media

  • Creative scientific consultancy

  • Strategic consultancy (e.g., communications plans and brand positioning)

  • On site congress support