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Your commercial operations are a well-oiled machine of sales and marketing professionals. But sometimes, even large marketing teams need support. 

Your in-house marketing team have the day-to-day activities nailed down. But occasionally they may need tactical support and targeted content creation that resonates with industry professionals.​

At Mowbi, we offer a range of services backed up by writers with years of scientific and commercial experience, and creatives who can offer fresh ideas to enhance your outputs.​

Turning the complexities of proteins into engaging copy with

We’ve worked with Qkine, a manufacturer of high purity growth factors for regenerative medicine applications, to attract researchers and industry professionals to their website through a series of high-quality blog posts. For example:

Qkine wanted to discuss the progress and future potential of endoderm implants using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The problem? ‘Endoderm implants’ isn’t the overarching terminology for that technology. So, our solution for the blog was to: 

  • Develop a title that used specific terminology provocatively to attract the reader’s attention 

  • Educate the reader on what endoderm implants are

  • Explore the need and progression of endoderm implants to clinical trials in 2 key areas: pancreas and liver   

  • Summarise the regulatory hurdles for bringing these technologies to market 

  • Conclude the blog with a call to action directing the reader to their website

Qkine also wanted to add expert opinion to their blog and had identified an academic who had spun out a company based on iPSC liver organoids. We reached out to him for a quote and incorporated it into the copy. 

The blog was disseminated to their audience through:

Hosting on their website

Email marketing directing readers to their website

Quotes from blog on social media posts

Mowbi provide an excellent service! They turn items around very quickly whilst maintaining a high standard, and always deliver within the agreed timeframe. 


Alison Rawlinson, Head of Marketing, Qkine

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