What’s in Scrappy Marketing for Life Science Start-ups 2024?

  • Access to a brand-new section discussing the benefits and limitations of AI, featuring AI powered marketing tools for start-ups

  • Learn about marketing principles for your business with no marketing background required!

  • Implement the basics and start your journey with the Scrappy Marketing checklist

I LOVE it! Would have been so useful to have back in the day. the content is clear and actionable, and the layout is really accessible. There are so many people who I’m sure could (and should) use this.

Lily Elsner| 
CEO and Co-founder, Jack Fertility

The guide is very useful. It is a great starting point especial for a startup when you don’t have the biggest budget for marketing but need to know where to start. There are some brilliant ideas in there, it is easy to read through, and I really like the checklist at the end too.

James Kusena| 
VP of Operations, MFX