About us

Science is complex. Your messaging shouldn’t be.

Mowbi brings together talented communicators and creatives to provide our clients with messaging that resonates with an audience. Because brilliantly told stories matter. Especially in life science.  

Value is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we focus on great service for our clients and our suppliers, ensuring everyone we work with feels valued.

Our Team

Maaria Ginai | CEO and Founder

Maaria combines in-depth scientific knowledge with creativity and a talent for communication. Maaria is an award-winning science communicator with a PhD in regenerative medicine and a research background in bioengineering. 

She’s worked with CROs, MedTech, and HEIs developing marketing strategies, educational programs, and specialist content.

Maaria loves working with people, whether it’s working with a client, running a workshop with world renowned experts, or climbing a mountain on a team expedition.

Marie Elliott | Digital Content Manager

Marie thrives on making sure everyone is heard. Marie brings extensive customer service and communication skills honed across scientific disciplines, from sports performance to medical devices; she ensures effective message delivery to the scientific community. 

Marie finds other people’s stories captivating whether hearing them in a professional setting, over a podcast or just out on the daily dog walk!

The Collective

Our scientific writers specialise in niches within life science, providing impeccable expertise. 

Our creatives bring innovative design and bold ideas to make your science stand out.  

We’re just getting started.

But we’ve already been noticed.

We were thrilled to receive the 2023 award for Marketing, Advertising and PR Startup in the South East.