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#19: Talking Paediatric Healthcare with Florence Li

Talk to anyone who cares for a child and they’ll tell you how difficult, but ultimately rewarding it is. So when a child is sick, it takes a special kind of person to have the empathy, skill, and emotional resilience to care for them. In this episode I’m joined by Florence Li, a paediatric registrar at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Flo’s specialism in community paediatrics sees her navigating complex, emotionally charged situations when dealing with patients, relatives and other agencies involved in children and young people’s care. And key to providing that high standard of care? Effective communication.

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The comms take-aways

Be genuine. In tense situations, being present, honest and sensitive can help dissipate some of the stress and anger and open up the other person to hear what you’re saying. 

Prompt information exchange between parties is imperative to delivering the best service, whether that’s in a healthcare, corporate or large organisational setting.  

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