#2: Talking Neuromarketing with Shazia Ginai

Neuromarketing delves into the subconscious to see how brands are received by consumers. It gives marketers a way to “see” how effective their communication is and what types of things people respond to. Neuro-Insight is one of the companies specialising in neuromarketing, and in this episode I’ll be joined by their UK CEO Shazia Ginai. Shazia has been fascinated with the human mind throughout her career, from research through to heading a company. In this episode we talk about what neuromarketing is, how Shazia has handled being a newly appointed CEO through a global pandemic, the status of diversity within the marketing sector and Shazia’s motivations behind volunteering for Endometriosis UK.

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The comms take-aways

Creativity is key. Humans don’t care about brands. Our brains are wired to encode stories which evoke an emotion into long term memory which drives future actions. So find a way of weaving your brand or message into narrative.


Make sure it sounds right- never underestimate the power of sound. As humans we predominantly use visual cues, but misaligned or badly used audio can be detrimental to a visual narrative.

Things from the episode


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