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#13: Talking Lessons in Leadership with David McQueen

Great leaders listen, even if they don’t like what they hear. Becoming a better leader takes an enormous amount of self-reflection and ego checking. And sometimes it takes the work of someone who’s outside of your sphere of influence who isn’t afraid to challenge you to help you achieve it. In this episode I’m joined by David McQueen, a professional speaker, executive coach and host of the Leadership Decoded podcast. David has worked with everyone from students to global corporations to high-profile individuals, coaching his audience on leadership, communication and workplace culture.

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The comms take-aways

Connect with your audience. Communicating a message doesn’t just mean telling someone a story. They have to live it with you through your narrative. If you can tell a story that people relate to or empathise with, they’ll remember it for a long time


Be honest. A lot of the time people can tell when something isn’t genuine, and you need to establish a level of trust with your audience before they’ll entertain the idea of listening to you. So ground your message in truth so you can build that connection with your audience.

Things from the episode


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