Pros and Comms podcast with Maaria Ginai

#16: Talking Honesty with ONR

Many people will be able to tell you a piece of music that made them feel something. Music is a universal communicator, bypassing the restrictions of language and geography and influencing us at a primal level. I’m joined by ONR; singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. We talk about his journey from rural Scotland to commercial artist, what he thinks makes a good song, and how honesty has helped him become a better songwriter.  

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The comms take-aways

Honesty is the best policy. Audiences really respond to things which feel real and truthful to them. And whilst sometimes the illusion of truth can be enough to connect, it may not be enough to build the long-term trust that you need to persuade your audience


The Devil is in the detail. Putting the time and effort into creating something meaningful often shows through, whether it’s writing a musical masterpiece or breaking down complex science

Things from the episode


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