Pros and Comms podcast with Maaria Ginai

#11: Talking Counterterrorism with Zainab Ahmad

Being a prosecutor means you need to hone your skills of persuasion and storytelling. In complex cases which involve international components, it can be even harder to convince a jury of the defendant’s guilt based on the evidence you have. In this episode I’m joined by Zainab Ahmad, a former prosecutor with the US Department of Justice specialising in extraterritorial counter terrorism investigation. We talk about Zainab’s experiences within the DOJ, serving as senior assistant special counsel in Robert Mueller’s office investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, and how she navigated the complexities of international law enforcement.


The comms take-aways

Most effective talking is enabled by most effective listening. Hearing what people are saying, taking their viewpoint on board and responding thoughtfully is the most productive way of carrying out a discussion

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Arguments which may be logical to you might not be the way other people view that same topic. So by figuring out what your audience prioritises, what they’re motivated and incentivised by, you can both reach them and persuade them

Things from the episode


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