#9: Talking Rubber and Resilience with Lakisha Miller-Barclay

If you think successfully leading an American Chemical Society division requires a chemistry degree and years of experience in a lab, think again. Being a great leader takes more than just technical knowledge. In this episode we’re joined by Lakisha Miller Barclay, CEO of the rubber division of the American Chemical Society. We talk about Lakisha’s route through computer programming and finance to the rubber division, her secret power of thriving in chaos during her first year as a CEO during the pandemic, and her passion for education, inclusivity and raising awareness of the rubber industry to the next generation.

The Comms Takeaways

Be authentic: communicating with someone requires a level of trust that you are taking their message on board. If you’re not genuine you can’t build that trust and people won’t know how to communicate with you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Sometimes humour works wonders, and not taking yourself too seriously can help people relate to you and be more receptive to what you’re trying to say.