#20: Talking Photography with Rankin

Think photography is just about capturing something that looks good? Then you’re missing a trick. To be a photographer you need to understand your audience and express your perspective on the world through your images. Because iconic photographs don’t just look good. They make you feel something. In this episode we’re joined by Rankin, a photographer most known for his iconic images of David Bowie and the Queen, and his taboo breaking corporate campaigns. He’s passionate about telling stories visually and using photography to hold a mirror up to society.

The Comms Takeaways


Make it personal. Storytelling through a visual medium is all about connecting with your audience and making them feel something through an image. So own your work in every sense.

It’s about more than looks. You may think visuals are the most important thing in photography, but a good photograph will evoke emotions which are felt by all your senses, which will then be stored in your memory. If you can hear a photo, you know it’s a great image.