#15: Talking Copywriting with Personality with Dave Harland

Digital content has exploded. There are so many ways to get a message across you might not think words can cut it anymore. But having well written copy delivered in the right setting can land you with millions of views and hundreds of leads. No pictures or dancing videos needed. We’re joined by Dave Harland, a freelance copywriter and wordsmith extraordinaire. We talk about the secret to great copy, how he’s never had a dry spell in his freelancing career, and just how evocative words can be.

The Comms Takeaways


Keep it simple. The secret to great copy is distilling the complex into simple, digestible messages which your audience doesn’t have to battle through to understand


Show your personality. Humour is a great tool to make something fun, relatable and distinctive. So if you can, show people the person behind the words. They’re more likely to trust you and will be easier to persuade