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#6: Talking Life Science Marketing with Chris Conner

When you think life science marketing you’ll probably think of LinkedIn, Twitter and white papers. But with the variety of innovative platforms and the pace of technology development, there’s so much more that life science companies could be doing to understand their audience and boost sales. In this episode I’m joined by Chris Conner, the founder and host of the Life Science Marketing Radio podcast. We talk about his journey into podcasting from corporate communications, how he thinks life science companies can better use digital platforms and the power of audio content when it’s used effectively.

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The comms take-aways


Know what you want to say: make sure there’s a point to what you’re putting out- whether it’s a conversation, article or video. By preparing beforehand you can make sure your content can effectively reach your audience and bring them value. In Chris’s words “always back up to the goal and the audience”.


Have more conversations: taking a break from your screen and having a friendly chat with someone you don’t know is super important, helping you expand your horizons and understand other people’s way of thinking.

Things from the episode


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