#4: Talking Zebras with Jess MacIntyre and Natalie Moores

Zebras are a perfect analogy to describe purpose driven businesses. Purpose and profit may seem like they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, but for real change as a business it’s essential to balance them both equally. In this episode we’re joined by Jess MacIntyre and Natalie Moores, the founders of marketing communications agency Mac and Moore. They’re taking the lessons they’ve learnt from the marketing industry and working with changemakers to help them reach their audience. We talk about their experiences in the marketing industry, their motivations to become a zebra business and work with other purpose driven businesses, and their advice on starting a new business.

The Comms Takeaways


A good brief- this is essential when working with suppliers so they have everything they need to create content or deliver a service that fulfils your needs. If you’re not completely sure what you want, be prepared to be open and transparent with your service providers so you can find out what you want together.


The right tone- make sure you mirror the tone of voice of your audience so you don’t talk down to, patronise or alienate them. Just because you like the sound of something, it doesn’t mean it’s going to resonate with the audience your brand is trying to target.