#17: Talking Community Psychology with Maria Qureshi

Humans are complicated. Factor in the complex societal structures and imbalances in power, and it’s easy to see how mental health can be affected, both on an individual and on a community scale. In this episode we’re joined by Maria Qureshi, clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in clinical psychology. We talk about her interest in community psychology, and why she’s a strong advocate for understanding the way historical systems affect individuals and communities within our multicultural society.

The Comms Takeaways

Listen. Put in the work to really be present in a conversation and understand what the other person is saying. You might not agree but take the time to see where that person is coming from so you can expand your horizons and build empathy.

Boundaries are important. It’s important to set boundaries to safeguard your mental and physical health and the well-being of those around you, whilst still being open and curious.